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Hello all!
I'm going to be taking commissions to hopefully stabilize my financial instability.
recently i lost my job, and not going into detail, i still need a source of income! otherwise i wont be able to get the gas money to go to school, which is super important to me so i'm totally gonna try and draw for the muns!

yeeeehawww by asinineRainbows

gaia freeb 4 by asinineRainbows

gaia freeb by asinineRainbows

Lmao Tf Bruuh by asinineRainbows

i'd really appreciate the help if you guys are willing to give it.


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello! i'm Blair, i like a few things. Those things being Homestuck, drawing, Sailor Moon, going to Cons, talking to my friends etc.
I'm your average everyday teenager with teenager problems. yep
Current Residence: Vermont
Operating System: depends on the computer i'm using that day.
Personal Quote: Dude seriously, stop.


:MF: sketch dump by asinineRainbows
:MF: sketch dump
just all the sketches i did!! 

all the characters who are no krista belong to their rightful owners u v u
:FR app: Nao Mabuchi by asinineRainbows
:FR app: Nao Mabuchi
This is my app for the group :iconfabulae-rixa: 
I've revamped this character a few times from past designs! hopefully she gets in! ; v ;


Name: Nao (Honest) Mabuchi (has many meanings) 
Gender: Female
Species: Oni
Affiliation: Knuckle Walkers 
Age: Old (she's been around since the 1920's) 
Height and Build: she stands at 5'7" and weighs about 170 pounds. She's fairly muscular, her torso being slightly disproportionate to her legs. 
Sexual Orientation: People who don't make her angry. 

Personality: Nao is a very fiery personality, and dislikes people who beat around the bush. She's very straightforward and blunt, she takes no prisonsers. She's also very loyal to the people who matter most to her, taking very good care of them. She protects them with all she has so they won't see a day of suffering. Though sometimes that doesn't always work for her, since she's also very awkward when it comes to displays of affection. She doesn't take orders very well, not because she hates being ordered around, but she tries so hard that she screws it up sometimes. 
History: Will do later u m u
Extra Information:
-Paints her nails awful colors. They never match and it's a throwback to middleschool when you look at them, she loves them though.
-She also likes to eat packaged ramen dry and dipping the crunchy noodles in the spice packet.
-She also only drinks iced coffee with a lot of cream in it. 
-Speaks fluent japanese 
-Swears like a mofo
-Is a suprisingly neat person in her own room, she hates the clutter. 
-Likes to play around on her phone, and collects cute phone charms. 
:MF: age meme by asinineRainbows
:MF: age meme
this is krista! (through the ages) 

Age 7: Krista being born into a family of fairly good standing on the coast of Ireland. She was always babied as a child, and never left the house much before the age of seven. She was taught to sing, paint and do needlework. Though at a young age she realized she hated the things she was being taught. She preferred other things to sitting at home, and was often in trouble for ruining her dresses as well as her bonnets. She was always sneaking out of the house because she wanted to adventure, she wanted to roam the country side and play in the mud instead of being babied at home. She didn't have many friends as a general rule, so she made up stories and played out scenes in books she read. She took to books as her rainy day activity, teaching herself to read and learning as much as she could so she could build things on her expeditions into the wild. So it was easy to say that she was the "Problem child" of her family. 

Age 20: At this age Krista was newly wed and working in her husbands bar as a waitress. Needless to say she wasn't too into it, but she loved her husband so she put up with it. It was soon after her start there she got very,very ill due to a diseased person wandering through their bar. She was bed ridden for about a year, unable to do anything she loved (reading, going for walks, riding horses etc.) before she died. In that year she watched her husband change, and many women came and went. In the end she had lost her eyesight and didn't know what lay before her, she ended up becoming a sacrifice because her sickness spread through the town. So they thought if they got rid of the source their problems and sacrificed her the problem would be solved. So she was decapitated and presented to the gods. Her husband at that point resented her enough not to give her a proper burial and gave her a shallow grave himself in their backyard after the service. So when she awoke, her head was handed to her and she wandered the country side for about three or four years before deciding it would be a good idea to disappear. The people of the town she couldn't remember (her old home) saw her wandering and often sent people out after her.  hur dur It was years before she realized she didn't have any eyes, they had deteriorated before her death without her realizing. It was in the early 1800's she got her first pair of fake eyes. She went through a few pairs of glass ones since then, but over the last 90 years or so, she's been able to keep the same pair. But, she wandered the countryside of Ireland for a long time, making friends with the fae in that area before she moved onto bigger and better things, such as Europe, where she enjoyed most of her "Younger" years. After that she moved onto America and so forth. 

Age 220: 
Krista now is very angry and very "drunk" 90% of the time. Though she cant remember her past, she feels very wronged. It Doesn't help that the person she was "With" at the time was crazy. He was some sort of Frankenstein wannabe and always offered to sew her head on for her so she could be "normal" and  "beautiful. While doing her "favors" he continuously drug her, and try to keep her so he could "figure out" what she was. She gave in for a short time, about five years or so before she manned up and told the sucker to "piss off". She lived in New York at the time, trying to avoid the man she used to be with and eventually, because she refused to try and sew on her own head by herself due to the pain it caused and how clutzy she was, her head fell off again. She couldn't stick around, the people who were her "friends" wouldn't understand what she was, and thus started her journey again. 

Age: 300 and somethin': She wandered all around the states taking in all the scenery and the up and coming technology. When laptop computers became a thing, all of Kristas' books went out the window. She bought a computer with money she had come into in various (sometimes not so legal ways) and started rebuilding her life on the internet. She made friends for the first time in 60 years, and she was able to work by teaching herself coding and taking payments over the internet. As for how she got her internet, she mostly stole it from apartment buildings and places like starbucks. She'd sit out back, make her little tent and work on stuff via the internet while talking to friends. She charged her laptop in a similar way. She's no longer poor, but unable to get a house due to the fact that she's 
you know
headless. For that same reason she couldn't stay in one place too long, so she was continuously walking and taking trains to new towns and finally she settled in the mansion she lives in now surrounded by many other monsters. Her irish accent has been long gone, and when asked she just tells people she's always been homeless. She doesn't like talking about her "younger years." and just plays it off as air headed forgetfulness, considering that's what she comes off ass most of the time. 

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karkateaterowl Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Professional Artist
I love your drawings
does that sound creepy?
I don't want u too llleeeaaavvveee
asinineRainbows Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Student General Artist
naw it's not creepy!! thanks so much for liking them!! ; v ;
karkateaterowl Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Professional Artist
mine too
asinineRainbows Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Student General Artist
i will always exist in cyberspace 
AlphaRabbit Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013   Digital Artist
Ahh I am forgetting to thank you for the watch!! MUch appreciated!
asinineRainbows Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Student General Artist
o v o it's no problem! keep creating wonderful art!
WellHidden Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Aaa, hey there!
This is the nutcase with the blue hair you may have seen at the art college next to the one named Erin.
I still really love your hairstyle. :I <3
asinineRainbows Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Student General Artist
hey there!(you can totally call me Blair btw) I still think your hair was super awesome too, i've always wanted to do a crazy color but i just don't have the guts u m u
WellHidden Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Well, it's a pleasure. C: I'm Ari.
But haha, thanks. It's not in its best condition right now, since the blue wasn't in long enough. ;w;
Ended up a lot more green than it should've been.
Though I know what you mean! It's been an interesting experience having a wacky hair color. xD
asinineRainbows Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Student General Artist
The pleasure is all mine, Ari!
but it was such a pretty color anyway!! blues and greens are the best u < u
i bet people have a lot to say about it haha, i think it's super cool, if i haven't said that enough already > C >
(also your art is awesome, wow i'm just gonna fawn over it for a while)
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